Program Initiative:

Clean Water

Our work begins with establishing access to clean water. From borehole wells to shallow-hand dug wells to protected springs, our team works to find the right technological solution for the rural villages and schools we serve. We monitor all of our water points on an annual basis to ensure water points built up to ten years ago are still functioning and providing the clean water families need.

people benefiting

from 17 new and 37 rehabilitated wells

% of wells functional

(including all water points built since 2008)


(including all water points built since 2008)

% decrease in diarrheal disease

(from 39% to 9% in prior two weeks)

days saved per household

in reduced travel time for water per year

total per-person cost of program

(includes indirect administration costs)

“We used to fetch water from an open contaminated pond where sometimes we would find snakes, snails, and feces defecated upstream. Sometimes people would bath from the same place where we used to fetch drinking water.” -MONICA ALITUHA

Program Initiative:

Healthy Homes


from training to build bathrooms, handwashing facilities, and other healthy home improvements


constructed by participants without subsidy


constructed by participants without subsidy


(includes indirect administration costs)

Clean water is only the first step to ensuring kids are healthy: good hygiene and sanitation practices are also crucial. In the communities we serve, open defecation is common and handwashing is rare. While the cost of a new well is often the barrier for communities to enjoy clean water, hygiene and sanitation practices are shaped largely by community norms and habits passed down across generations. Our team facilitates community discussions and trains community members to build their own facilities and establish new, healthier community norms.

“Taking on the catchment community of our water sources alone could not eliminate open defecation effectively. We opted to involve the whole village catchment to achieve total sanitation and this has helped to keep our water sources in the community free from contamination.” –SIMON MUGUME, Community Development Officer

Program Initiative:

Healthy Schools

Every child deserves to learn in a school with reliable access to clean water, separate boys’ and girls’ latrines, wash areas for girls, and hand washing facilities. This year we partnered with the sub-county of Mutunda (population 53,000) in Kiryandongo, Uganda, to transform every government primary school in the sub-county into a healthy learning environment. Our team managed the construction of critical facilities and trained school leadership to maintain the facilities and encourage students to develop healthy habits.

children benefiting

from 18 healthy schools


and 36 handwashing facilities constructed

% of students wash hands after bathroom

(estimated that <3% washed hands prior to project)

% of girls enjoy a safe space to manage menstrual hygiene

(an increase from 17%)

total per-child cost of program

(includes indirect administration costs)

“The girls used not to come to school because of fearing to visit the latrines, which were no longer in use because of their condition. They would fear to make open defecation in the bushes.” -EVELYN NAMBO, teacher


The Goal:

Clean Water that Lasts


“We have always been a data-driven organization, and 2017 was a true test. Seeing our multi-pronged approach drive such an impact on our targeted outcomes this year compels us to push even harder in 2018.” -BEN ANDREW, Treasurer


“The Water Trust team is committed to working hand in hand with communities to achieve measurable outcomes in holistic health. This is an organization that has the courage to explore methods that are built from the ground-up, yet informed by the latest global research.” -SPENCER BOGLE, The Water Project, funding partner since 2010

2018 Goals

Support 40,000 people

Help 40,000 people improve their health and well-being through improved water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Validate Our Impact

Build the evidence base for our innovative approaches and begin piloting them in another country in East Africa.

Grow Our Work

Increase funding by 20% to $1.2 M.



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